low-priced international guest house in Kyoto,UNO HOUSE

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It's back in the year
of the world exposition
in Osaka.(In 1970)
Osaka is the prefecture
next to Kyoto. At that time, there were few
accommodations to stay cheaply in Kyoto.
City hall recommended us to open a guest
house for Japanese young people who
visited to Kyoto. That's the biginning of
UNOHOUSE. About thirty years have already
passed since then.
UNOHOUSE has been featured in guide
books for the English-speaking people,
so we may be more famous abroad than in
Guest rooms
Dormitory style.
Males and feamales stay in separate rooms.
2,500 yen per night. ( air-conditioned )
Please pay in cash.(Japanese yen)
Private Room
from 3,000 yen per night.
We have various kinds of room,
please ask the staff by phone or e-mail.
7,800yen ~ 9,200yen with bathroom.
There is a bank near by, you can exchange
US dollars and travelers checks(US$) for
Japanese yen.
Mon.-Fri. 9a.m.-3p.m.
Check in and check out time
Check in time -From 4p.m. to 9p.m.
Check out time-11a.m.
Let us know if you want to use the parking lot
because we have a limited space (1000yen/day)
If there is no more space to park
when you arrive, please use nearby public
park and pay your own expenses.
We would like to ask you to use public
Rent a Bike
500 yen / day
We have two bathrooms.
Pay-washing machines
Telephone and Fax
Telephone-International pubulic telephone
Fax- Pay-fax
Meals and drinks
We do not serve any meals and drinks.
Trere are fruit and vegetable shops and
convenience stores near us.
How about visiting Nishiki-Ichiba
(a market street) famous as Kyo-no-Daidokoro
(the kitchen of Kyoto Pre.).
There will be many rare articles of food
you can get only in Kyoto.
Dining Room / 1F
dining room / 1F

UNOHOUSE is a guesthouse
in central Kyoto.
from 2,500yen to 3,000yen(Dormitory)
for a night.
Very convenient place to sightseeing spots and
amusement quarter.

Reservations &
Photo : 075-231-7763
FAX : 075-256-0140

1 Kyoto Imperial Place
2 Kyoto Imperial Place Park
3 Imperial Household Agency Office
4 Shokoku-ji
5 Rozan-ji
6 Shimogoryo-jinjya
7 Gyogan-ji
8 Kinshi Masamune Horino
Memorial Museum
9 Sento(Public bathhouse)
10 24-hour Convinience Store
11 24-hour Convinience Store
12 Hamburger Shop
13 Restaurant
14 Restaurant
15 24-hour Teishoku-ya
(eating place)
16 Cafe
17 Cafe
18 Cafe
19 Tiket shop
20 Bank


BUS From Kyoto station take bus at A-2 bus track NO.17, NO.205, NO.4, Get off at the
kawaramachi-Marutamachi stop. Only a few minutes walk from there.
TRAIN Take the Karasuma Line from Kyoto Station,
Get off at the Marutamachi stop and walk east for 10 minutes.
If you take the Keihan Line, get off at the Marutamachi-stop.
Walk to the West for 8 minutes.

Around us

Kyoto Impeial Palace
7 minutes' walk
Kyoto Gosho(Impeial Palace) has been housed by only two emperors.
The emperor Meiji moved court to Tokyo in 1868. The original, which was built for the Emperor Kanmu in 794 to the west of the present one, was burned down in 1788. The present building was constructed in 1855.

It's opened to the public for several days (about 5 days) twice a year (in spring & autumn).

Applications must be made in person to the Imperial Household Agency Office (Kunaicho) in the Kyoto Gyoen.

Guided tours (Free, English) starts weekday at
10 am & 2pm.
(Sat. tours on 3rd Sat. of month ;
every Sat. in Apr.-May & Oct.-Nov. All Saturday tours are guided in Japanese. For more details, TEL075-211-1215 information only)
*For the 10am guided tour in English (1hour)
You must arrive at the Imperial Household Agency before 9:40am.

*For the 2pm guided tour in English (1hour)
You must arrive at the Imperial Household Agency before 1:40pm.

To pick up a permission and join the tours , you need your passport with you and you must be at least 18 years of age. Escorted minors can join the tour.
They don't permit minors to enter the Sento Gosho, the Shugaku-in Rikyu Imperial Villa, and the Katura Rikyu Imperial Villa.
Kyoto Imperial Palace Park
(Kyoto Gyoen)
3 minutes' walk
Kyoto Imperial Palace is surrounded by large park, Kyoto Imperial Palace Park, with trees and open lawn.
Its expanses of gravel lawn and fields have replaced most of the former palaces for the Imperial Family and mansions for people of high staning.
This park is bounced by Teramachi-dori and Karasuma-dori on the east and west sides, and by Imadegawa-dori and Marutamachi-dori on the north and south.
3 Imperial Household Agency Office(Kunaicho) in the Kyoto Gyoen.


information only

15 minutes' walk
You need to apply in advance to visit some of Kyoto's famous places and gardens.
So it's a good idea to come to the Imperial Palace early in your stay to make arrangements to visiting them.
Tours of the Imperial Palace, Sento Gosho,Shugakuin Rikyu and Katura Rikyu are all handled by the
Imperial Household Agency.
It's best to book your tour at least 2 days in advance. To pick up a permission and join the tours , you need your passport with you and you must be at least
18 years of age.

The easiest ways to reach the Kyoto Gosho, the Imperial Palace, are to take the Subway (Karasuma Line) to Imadegawa or to take a bus to Karasuma-Imadegawa stop.
Appointment is needed.
\800, 10am~4pm,
30 minutes' walk
The original, which was built by Yoshimitu Ashikaga's command in 1392 to the north of the present one, was burned down.
The present building was constructed in
Shokoku-ji is the head of the Rinzai-shu Shokoku-ji sect.
Kinkakku-ji and Ginkaku-ji are branch temples of Shokoku-ji.
\400, 9am~4pm,
7 minutes' walk
It's been handed down that Rozan-ji has replaced Lady Murasaki's residence. She was born here, and wrote the tales of Genji(Genji Monogatari).
The temple has a beautiful garden named Genji-no-niwa (Genji's garden).
Free, open dawn to dusk,
in front of UNOHOUSE
Eight people who were defeated and died unnatural death in the struggle for government power, and the emperer Heijo have been worshipped here.
People who died violent death like them were called "Goryo(soul)".
In the Nara Era and Heian Era, people believed that all of the bad things such as strange disease, drought and floods were caused by resentful "Goryo".
Shimogoryo Shrine was built to tranquilize their souls.

It had been moved place to place until Hideyoshi Toyotomi ordered to move to the present place.
Free, 8am~5pm,
(2 minutes' walk)
The 19th temple of the 33 temples on the pilgrim trail of the Buddist ****Daishi (The Saigoku pilgrimage)
The temple grounds are always crowed with people.

8 Kinshi Masamune Horino Memorial Museum

\300, 11am-5pm
Closed Mon.
The original Kinshi Masamune brewery moved to Fushimi. Kura (a warehouse) is open for viewing.
You can try tasters of the sake,
also pick up a bottle of sake with your original label for your souvenir.
9 Sento(Public bathhouse)
(1 minutes' walk)
UNOHOUSE has two bathrooms.
But how about trying to take a bath at a Sento.
24-hour Convinience Store
(3 minutes' walk)
There are two 24-hour convenience stores which sell a basic range of toiletries, stationery and food stuffs.
12 Hamburger Shop
(10 minutes' walk)
World-famous hamburger shop whose name starts with the character "M".

Restaurant There are two restaurants, No13 is a restaurant which serves hamburger steakes mainly.(3 minutes' walk), the other No14 is a family restaurant and most of the dishes there are priced lower than the other family restaurants. (10 minutes' walk)
15 24-hour Teishoku-ya
(eating place)
(2 minutes' walk)
This shop serves a range of traditional and inexpensive dishes.


Cafe (NO.16) c.coquet serves reasonable morning and lunch set menu and various dishes. It also carries alcohol. Free internet access is available, if you order something to eat or drink.(3 minutes' walk)

NO.17 is a cafe run by a bakery's owner.
You can have delicious bread with drink there.(3 minutes' walk)

This is a nice cafe on the kamo-river.
(3 minutes' walk)
19 Ticket Shop
(3 minutes' walk)
Discounted tickets, prepaid cards, stamps.
20 Bank You can exchage from US$ to JP\ and also from JP\ to US$.

E-mail Phone : 075-231-7763 FAX : 075-256-0140
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